Please take a moment to watch our COVID-19 Protocol Video so that you are aware and are comfortable with our procedures for entering the gym, during practice and leaving the gym. 
We've seen the government announcement, so when are you re-opening?
We are starting Phase 1 of re-opening week commencing 10th August for our smaller competitive teams, which are no larger than 15 athletes per team. Once we have made sure that no infection is being spread in the gym, our team sizes will increase to 27, with social distancing measures still in place, allowing some of our recreational teams to return to training. The teams we are able to allow back first will be communicated via our parent facebook groups. For Phase 3, as long as we manage to control the spread of the virus and keep the gym a safe space, all classes can resume but social distancing measures will still apply.
Will all of the classes start back straight away or will some return later?
Until the government relax social distancing rules further, our recreational teams will not be able to return to the gym, purely due to the number of athletes in those classes. We currently don't feel like we can manage to social distance with such a large amount of athletes, and we do not want to put anyone in harms way. We hope to review this when social distancing measures are relaxed further and we have more guidance from SportCheer England regarding larger classes.
What is ECT doing to keep me safe?
Absolutely everything we can! We have put in place many new procedures to ensure your safety. We are following the guidelines set by the government and SportCheer England. 
- Staggered start and finish times
- Separate entry and exit points 
- 2m distance markers upon entry to the gym
- Health survey on entry
- Attendance taken on entry
- Cleaning before, during and after each session, including hoovering, touch point sanitising between classes and disinfecting the carpets and cheer floor at the end of every day
- Limiting number of athletes per class (15 athletes per team)
- 2m distancing throughout the whole of the gym
- 2m grids marked out on the cheer floor with markers for each athlete to stand on
- Walkways will be marked with arrows to ensure correct flow around the gym
- Limited equipment to be used and cleaned after use
- Athlete area will be closed
- Boxes marked out for athlete's belongings 
- Water bottles must be brought to practice full and marked with athlete's name
- Hand sanitiser stations available on entry. Athletes will sanitise before, during and after the session.
- COVID-19 signage in the gym
- Our coaches will be wearing masks whilst coaching
- Full communication of our procedures rolled out to all athletes and their families before we open
What personal hygiene does everyone have to follow?
We ask that our athletes are responsible for their own personal hygiene and respects the space of others.
- Hand sanitising on the way into the gym and before you leave
- Coughing and sneezing into your elbow
- Keeping within your 2m grid box and not going too close to the person next to you
- Bringing your own bottle filled and marked with your name
- No sharing or touching anything not necessary to training
- Washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds after using the toilet
Do I need to wear a mask or gloves?
It is your choice whether you wear a mask or gloves. Our coaches will be wearing masks whilst coaching.
Are you doing any extra cleaning?
Yes we will be cleaning before our classes start, during the classes (touch points and equipment), at the end of the class and then again at the end of the day. All surfaces and our cheer floor will be disinfected every evening and left to dry over night.  
How will you do contact tracing?
We will be using our COACHA portal to keep all of your information, which is fully GDPR compliant. We will be taking attendance as you enter the building so that we know all of our athletes and coaches that have been in the gym at a certain time. We will then be able to do track and trace if needed. All we ask is that if any of your personal information is out of date, you contact us immediately so we can update it on our system. 
How will cheer be different during COVID-19?
Things will be slightly different to the last time you were in the gym, as we have to maintain social distancing and keep you safe. We will not be stunting or running routines for the time being and coaches will not be allowed to spot any tumbling skills. 
How will you let people know about the new procedures and restrictions?
We will be using social media to share our procedures. A short video has been released to show you how to move around the gym and how to keep yourself and others safe while you are there. There will be COVID-19 signage around the gym and at the start of every class our coaches will run over the rules and how to stay safe, just so that they are always fresh in your mind. 
Are your coaches trained?
Our coaches have been trained in all of our new procedures and will be abiding by all social distancing rules. 
I've been out of the country, do I need to stay away from the gym for 14 days?
We are following Government guidance depending on where you have travelled, as to whether you must stay away from the gym for 14 days after you return to the UK. No matter where you travel, if you feel poorly after returning home then you should stay away from the gym and self isolate if you feel it is necessary.
What are the health questions I need to answer before entering the gym?
1. Are you feeling poorly or have any flu like symptoms or a cough?
2. Have you been in contact with a poorly person recently?
Is there anywhere that I can get changed?
Our athlete area will be closed so you must come to the gym already changed and ready to go.
What can I bring to the gym and what should I leave at home?
Please bring as little as possible to the gym with you. We recommend only your cheer shoes, a water bottle marked clearly with your name and your mobile phone (if absolutely necessary.) Please do not bring a back pack or a large coat. We only have small boxes for athletes belongings. 
What should I expect on the first practice back?
You are likely going to have to queue to enter the gym, so if it is raining, stay in the car until the queue is smaller. It hopefully won't be a long wait and we will keep things moving as quickly and as safely as possible. Once you are in and sat in your social distancing box we will go over how the class will run and make sure you are all comfortable with the new rules and procedures before we get started.
Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions after reading all of our information.


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