Commitment & Absences

Please read this page carefully if you are trying out for one of our competitive teams...

Cheerleading is a team sport, therefore a high level of commitment is required. It is important that all of our athletes attend all of their training sessions. Please see the table below for our list of excused and unexcused absences. 

Screenshot 2020-05-10 at 21.48.11.png

We know that our athletes will have to follow the government guidelines with COVID-19 symptoms, and we can be flexible with this to a certain extent. However, if your athlete does miss any sessions due to self isolating, please do not be surprised if they have to be changed to a different position within their routine. If they miss too many sessions, we may need to move them to a different competitive team, or at a last resort move them to a recreational team. 

This may seem very strict, but here is why we operate these rules...

- We have no reserves for our competitive teams. If an athlete misses a practice, the other 4 athletes within their stunt group cannot work on their stunts throughout that entire session. 

- Due to every athlete being involved in the pyramid section of a routine, one athlete missing a practice means the pyramid section cannot be worked at all. 

- If an athlete is chosen to compete with a competitive stunt group (just 5 athletes learning a stunt routine) and they miss a practice, the whole practice has to be cancelled and re-arranged. The stunt group cannot stunt without all of the athletes being present.

- Teams that have too many absences do not do as well at competitions. This has been proven in our previous seasons results when attendance has been poor.

We all make social sacrifices for cheerleading, so please remember when you miss a practice, it affects the entire team.

Red Zone

We expect full attendance in the 3 week run up to any competition. An unexcused absence during the Red Zone will result in an athlete's position on the team being reviewed.

Our absence policy is inflexible.

To keep absences to a minimum we operate a 3 strike rule. Any absences that are 'unexcused' will result in a strike being issued. After 3 strikes your position on the team will be up for review.


Please make sure all of your holidays are listed clearly in your tryout submission e-mail. The amount of absences you list may impact the team you are placed on and your position within the team. Any holiday dates handed in after tryouts may not be honoured and could result in us changing your position within your team or the loss of your competitive position completely.