Monthly Fees

Tiny Cheer Monthly Fee

Our classes are paid for monthly at the beginning of each month. Once your payment is set up it will be taken from your account on the 1st of every month. If your payment fails you won't receive any fees from your bank, our system will just re-try the payment 3 days later. If your payment fails for a second time, we will add a £5 late fee. Please contact us if you know your payment is going to fail, so that we are aware.

Monthly fee: £15

There is no membership fee this season.

Monthly fees are still taken via our payment system 'Stripe' and payment subscription e-mails will be sent out to you to fill in.

If you have more than one child in our programme, you will receive 50% off your cheapest class.


Please fill your payment e-mails in as soon as you receive them. Your athlete will not be able to attend their class if payments have not been made.