Absence Policy

Please ensure you can fully commit to the team and attend weekly training. Cheerleading is a team sport, which requires a high level of commitment from both athletes and parents. Absences, especially close to a competition have a negative impact on the whole team and their ability to practice a full routine. For this reason, absences must be kept to a minimum and we need to be made aware of any holidays well in advance. Please be honest and transparent when listing any holidays you may be taking throughout the season.

Red Zone

We expect full attendance in the 3 week run up to any competition. An unexcused absence during the Red Zone will result in an athlete's position on the team being reviewed.


Our absence policy is inflexible.

Cheerleading is a team sport so if one athlete is missing it dramatically affects the practice for everyone else. To keep absences to a minimum we operate a 3 strike rule. Any absences that are 'unexcused' will result in a strike being issued. After 3 strikes your position on the team will be up for review.

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