Competitive cheerleading can be quite expensive, so please consider the financial commitment (all listed below) before you choose to get involved.


All monthly training fees are paid via our Club Management Software. On receiving your team placement e-mail, you will receive a 'subscription set up' e-mail from our payment system, which you must complete immediately to accept your position on our team. Monthly fees are taken on the 1st of every month. If they fail to be taken, the system will re-try 3 days later. If your fees fail to be taken on the 2nd attempt, a late fee of £5 will be applied. 

All teams monthly training fees are listed below...












If your athlete chooses to crossover (compete with more than one competitive team) then you will receive 50% off the training fees for their cheapest team. 



Please visit the UNIFORM page to look at what training kit we have on offer this season and what the prices and payment deadlines are. You will be required to purchase a training t-shirt, competition hair bow and cheerleading shoes. Everything else is optional. 


We understand that cheerleading can be an expensive sport, especially for those families with more than one child in our programme. To make it more affordable we offer 50% off the cheapest team for any additional children (from the same household.) Discount applies to training fees only.


The entry fees for each competition are laid out in the table below. Competition entry fees will be added up and included in your monthly fee. This is to avoid any late payments of competition fees, which could stop us from attending any of our competitions.  

Screenshot 2020-06-09 at 20.58.43.png
Screenshot 2020-06-10 at 09.19.06.png


To attend our competitions as a spectator, you will be required to purchase a spectator ticket for each event. These range in price for adults from £10 - £20 for the day. Spectator ticket money is usually due at the same time as the competitor entry fee deadline (listed above.) More information on purchasing spectator tickets will be released closer to the events.


Please note: Should an athlete leave our team mid-season, all training & competition fees paid up until that point are non-refundable.