Competitive Stunt Groups

Competitive Stunt Groups are an extra competitive option for those athletes who demonstrate excellent stunting skills.


Unfortunately due to us not being able to hold regular tryouts and assess athletes on their stunting skills, we cannot except anyone brand new to cheerleading onto our stunt teams for Season 5. Current members of ECT can register their interest to compete as part of a stunt group from the age of 6+.


To register your interest please make us aware in the 'INFORMATION' part of your video submission. This does not mean you will automatically be given a position, but we will consider you for a position during our tryout process.


Flyers that are interested in a competitive stunt group must have the following body positions, with perfect technique...

On both legs

Heel stretch 



On left leg


Bases must have elite stunt experience in either Level 1, 2 or 3.