Training Uniform

All athletes are REQUIRED to wear their Season 5 training t-shirt/vest and black shorts or black leggings to their weekly practices.  This is not optional, so if you think you need to purchase more than one t-shirt please let us know. 


T-shirts are £14 each and a deadline for payment will be confirmed once we know when we can go back to training.


A size guide and order form will be e-mailed out to you on confirmation of your position within the team.


We also have the following optional packages available to purchase...

T-shirt & Sweatshirt = £33

T-shirt, Vest & Sweatshirt = £46


Competition Uniform

Competition uniforms are lent out to athletes for the season. We fundraise to buy these as a programme to keep the cost down for our athletes and their families. Your athlete will be sized for a uniform at the start of the season.


Competition Hair Bow

All of our competitive athletes require a hair bow priced at £15. Athletes who are placed on a competitive stunt group also require a second hair bow (different style) at an extra £15. The deadline for payment is 1st December 2020. We are re-using our hair bows from last season, so only brand new athletes need to purchase a bow, or anyone who has lost or damaged theirs.


Cheer Shoes

All of our competitive athletes must purchase a pair of cheerleading shoes. They must wear them to every training session. 

This is one of the websites that we recommend you look at for cheerleading shoes:

Please do not purchase split sole cheerleading shoes. These are dance shoes and are not suitable for cheerleading. If you are unsure which shoe to purchase, please contact a coach and we will make sure you have chosen a shoe that is suitable for cheerleading.